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First, I'd be remiss not to mention all of the kind comments, emails, DM's, and thoughts people shared on my last post. Once again, I'm reminded that even when it's hard, vulnerability is the way. 


So it's no secret that I'm not exactly a sporty lady. I don't like team sports. I find it hard to muster up excitement about a sport -- ANY SPORT. Why did I do this? I'm not really sure. 

Last weekend, at my game, a girl slid in to home. Like, dove, SLID, and hit home plate. I cannot stop thinking about this. First of all: badass. Secondly, how on EARTH do you become a person who gives a flying rip about sports? I would never in one million years risk breaking both of my legs for a recreational game. I just can't fathom it. 


I was at a BBQ recently, and discussing dogs (as usual). My partner's dog is a real cute girl with kind of an attitude. I made a joke that she needed a strong father figure, when a man from a different conversation turned around and told me to "watch my man-hating talk."


Dude, I wasn't hating on men. I was actually saying that she needed a man in her life because she prefers to wrestle and neither my partner nor I are down for those sorts of shenanigans. But also? THIS IS JUST ONE OF MANY REASONS MEN GET A BAD REPUTATION. Here I am, minding my business, having a separate conversation, and I'm told what I shouldn't be talking about. I just cannot even imagine why or how someone would feel the need to pipe in and defend their entire gender, and then follow it up with some sort of, "Men are good!" commentary when THAT LITERALLY WAS NOT EVEN WHAT I WAS COMMENTING ON FOR GOD'S SAKE.


I'm a teacher. I love it. One really gray area for teachers is social media, and it's something I think about a lot. For most of my career, I've allowed students to follow my social media once they're no longer my student. Recently, there's been a spate of students posting things from teacher's Instagram accounts, mine included. This means that my current students are getting all sorts of juicy hot gossip (LOLZ) about my life. I recently removed nearly all my former students from following me.

On one hand, I get it. Teachers are fascinating creatures when you're a kid. I've had students who I am fairly certain believe that I live at school. And kids are going to be kids. But something about those actions really bums me out, as a human being. 

I think it's unfortunate that teachers are asked to be these robotic humans sometimes. I fully support us not pressing our opinions upon kids, but like, is it a crisis for them to know who I am as a person? I think that sometimes, all the secrecy we are supposed to apply to our personal lives creates a hotbed of issues. Also? I JUST WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. 

What say you? I am really curious to hear what others think. Particularly teachers and parents of kids old enough to stalk their educators on Instagram. 


More dog stories: my dog haaaaaattttteeeessss the mail man because he has attempted to hit him with his scanner. Is it wrong that I totally don't discourage him from barking? Like, you reap what you sow, dude. 

Also, the other night, we were walking the dogs together when a man coming up the sidewalk stopped, whistled, and saluted. Can't decide if I think it was genius and sweet or the weirdest thing ever. 


I performed in my first stand-up comedy show this week that I was paid for. It was seriously so much fun. I feel a little bit cheesy about the whole thing. Doing stand-up has been my dream for so long and it's one I held close to the vest because it felt so improbable. To be up in front of people, making them laugh, and seeing SO MANY PEOPLE I LOVE supporting me in the audience, having it go well...I just never dreamed it could happen for me. 



Good things happen when you work hard and put yourself out there. 


It's fall y'all. Read this new thing and this forever gem to get in the mood. Also, I'm making this for dinner this weekend. I'm so ready to be buried in squash and plaid.